Liliia Semeryak – ICOONE Specialist

Liliia Semeryak has always been interested in beauty and the aesthetic industry when she was growing up. She has studied make-up applications, beauty care, as well as our incredible ICOONE Machine. Liliia greatly values self care and living a healthy lifestyle and always tries her best to promote this attitude in the men and women she works with.

Liliia has become certified as an ICOONE Specialist and can work on her patients to help increase the quality and overall look of their skin. As a Specialist she has a deep understanding of what treatment each skin type requires, the duration over which patients can expect to see results, and the sensitivity with which to approach each of her unique patient’s situations.

Outside of work you can find Liliia working on making creative edits for Instagram, doing make up for her friends and family, as well as learning about the world of beauty and health.

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