Do you want to lose weight, make your body and face look radiant prior your summer or winter vacation without going through any invasive procedures. Icoone body and face treatments from GMG Health and Wellness is the right option for you. Icoone harmonizes your silhouette in a few sessions with incomparable results. Thanks to the micro-stimulations, it conditions the skin by improving overall quality of the skin, fascia, collogen and lymphatic system.
Throughout its history, the company’s expert engineers studied and divulged their discoveries on the skin and its treatments, creating the scientific base of the icoone technology. Icoone employs the patented technology Roboderm, capable of releasing up to 21.600 micro-stimulations every minute. Deep and effettive treatment of the connective tissue that guarantees results form very first session.
Our Vision / Statement: is to be the leader in the beauty and wellness industry, offering to the market 100% natural and non-invasive treatments of body and face.

The Concept

Icoone is the innovative 100% NATURAL and Non-invasive device for FACE and BODY that gives incredible, effective and fast results. Icoone Mississauga represents a new concept of technology for the skin, lymphatic system and subcuneous tissue treatments.

This patented technology works differently from any other technology and device present on the market today, thanks to the MICROSTIMULATORS. This specific action is called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (M.M.A.S.) and allows to deliver a more efficient action, in a gentler way for the client.

How Does Icoone Machine Work/What does it do: The NEW icoone is the only device in the world that, allows to treat different kind of skin imperfections through the Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (M.M.A.S.), a deep and effective, 100% natural/non-invasive stimulation of the microvacuoles in the connective tissues.

Roboderm technology allows to triple the stimulation surface Two independent motorized microstimulators.

  • 21,600 Microstimulations every minute
  • 25% More surface stimulation due to the increased sized Twins and Micro handpieces 

Why Choose icoone Treatments in Mississauga

Mississauga icoone is the only device on the market that is capable to deliver twin-function that specifically designed to treat efficiently the smallest, hard to reach and most sensitive areas of the body, such as the inner thighs and arms, knees and ankles.

Alongside 6 micro-handpieces specifically designed to reach with precision the smallest and more sensitive areas of the body and specially of the face, provides personalized treatments. Ergonomic attachments on the “icoone body and face” allows targeted treatments in specific fat areas on large parts of the body such as buttocks, knees, inner thigh etc.

  1. Visible Results After One Session
  2. Suitable for every type and quality of skin, even most delicate and/or damaged
  3. Customized Treatment packages for every single client
  4. Patented technology for two-handed symmetrical stimulation for fast and effective results
  5. Every day treatments for faster results

FACE TREATMENTS icoone Mississauga

Fresh: guarantees a fresh and restored look due to the reduction of puffiness. After few minutes the skin will look younger and radiant.

Toning the Skin: on the Face, Neck, Eyes, Lip and Decolleté Treatments: Reduce the look of aging skin, icoone treatments enhance the quality and appearance of the skin, reducing puffiness and re-texturing the tissue. Smoothes wrinkles achieving a visibly younger look. After few sessions the skin will looks toned, refreshed, younger and compact.

Renew: Designed to re-texture the skin with presence of fine deeper lines around the eye, nose and mouth. This icoone treatment specifically designed to smooth wrinkles for rejuvenated look.

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Icoone Body Sculpting Mississauga

Icoone Body Sculpting Mississauga

Body Sculpting and Skin Firming: State of the art technology allows the icoone treatments to firm, tighten and tone your skin to improve the double chin, decongesting puffy eyes, toning cleavage line, firming neck and breasts for a rejuvenated and glowing look. You will love the way you look after icoone treatments.

Target Subcutaneous Fat Deposits: The icoone machine specifically designed to target stored fat in the subcutaneous layer that often resistant to diet and exercise. Icoone is the only patented technology on the market that targets fat deposits.

Lymphatic Drainage: icoone machine stimulates lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce body weight and contours the body natural way. Furthermore, Lymphatic drainage will help remove stubborn inflammation and/or swelling around the knees so your legs can look relaxed and elegant.

Areas icoone treatments can help

  • Face
  • Chin
  • Eyes mouth
  • Arms and Elbows
  • Love Handles
  • Buttock
  • Inner Thigh
  • Knees
  • Ankles

Body and Face Treatment Sessions icoone

  1. 30 minutes free consultation with aesthetician to personalize and customize treatment plan.
  2. Body Sculpting icoone Mississauga 40 to 90 minutes depends on desired outcome
  3. Face Treatments icoone 20 to 40 Minutes

What icoone Can Treat

  • Anti-Cellulite
  • De-fibrosing Effect (thinning of the scar tissues)
  • Body Shaping / Action on Localized Stubborn Fat Deposits
  • Firming and Toning of Body and Face
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging
  • Cleavage and Breast Lifting
  • Stretch Marks Reduction
  • Lymphatic System Drainage
  • Improves Blood Circulation to Designated Areas
  • Cellular Metabolism Reactivation (Clinically Researched Results)
  • Regenerating Action
What icoone Can Treat
Why icoone Is Different

Why icoone Is Different

Dual Head-Pieces Treatments: Icoone allows to work on both sided of the body simultaneously for maximum benefits. Furthermore, icoone Mississauga redefines the silhouette in a few sessions with incomparable results, as it helps metabolic exchange and improves the cellular activity for evident aesthetic improvements.

icoone® SKIN STIMULATION - Science & Innovation

  • Two hands exclusive patented technology
  • Proven results from the first session
  • Every day application
  • Effective in 20 minutes
  • 100% natural stimulation
  • Relaxing, not invasive
  • Entirely personalised programs
  • Suitable for every skin condition


Customizable face and body care programmes, for men and women of all age

  • Facilitate the reduction of puffiness
  • Improve the feeling of light legs
  • Improve the overall skin quality and texture
  • Reduce the look of aging signs
  • Smoothe wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of orange peel
  • Work on specific fat areas
  • Harmonize the silhouette
  • Firm, tone and tighten the skin
  • Favour deep relaxation and wellbeing
  • Support for the fitness activities

RESULTS - before and after

Icoone harmonizes your silhouette and the appearance of your skin in just few sessions with incomparable results. The treatment improves overall quality of skin, sculps stubborn fat deposits and tightens skin which makes your skin look vibrant, young and healthy.

Woman, 35 years old
Goal: remodel the silhouette
No. of treatments: 10
Duration: 30’
Frequency: 3 times a week
Results: -6 cm (average measurement)

Woman, 53 years old
Goal: reduce cellulite, improve skin quality and tone.
No. of treatments: 10
Duration: 40 minutes
Frequency: every day

Woman, 72 years old
Goal: regenerate the tissues, reduce neck wrinkles
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 20 min
Frequency: every day

Woman, 55 years old
Goal: tone the knees
No. of treatments: 7
Duration: 40 min
Frequency: 2 times a week
Results: – 2 cm

Man, 42 years old
Goal: firm the tissues and reduce stretch marks
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 30 min
Frequency: 2 times a week

Woman, 38 years old
Goal: Reduce belly and thigh fat
No. of treatments: 6
Duration: 40 min
Frequency: 2 times a week

Woman, 39 years old
Goal: Strengthen the skin of the abdomen, improve the quality of the skin
No. of treatments: 5
Duration: 40 min
Frequency: 5 times a week

Improve your health and Redefine your Beauty!
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Safe Hygienic Environment:

The iconic sheer bodysuit is designed to increase the performance and the efficiency of the icoone® treatments, enhancing the micro-stimulation, while also guaranteeing the highest hygienic standards and discreet comfort.

The very nature of the device and the bodysuit eliminates the personal contact between the therapist and the client, following the local government guidelines and considering the health and safety in these challenging times.

i-Tech – The Science of Skin: Today, i-Tech Industries® distinguishes itself for having created a “culture of skin care”!! through which it has developed cutting-edge technologies that offer effective solutions for improving quality of life.

Throughout its history, the company has studied, divulged and communicated important scientific discoveries on the skin and its treatments, with the aim, on the one hand, to disseminate greater knowledge on this vitally important organ in its target markets, and on the other hand to design technologies and services of high scientific and technological value, whose primary objective is to meet individual needs in terms of beauty, well-being and health.

Financing ICOONE Beauty in Mississauga

We understand that some patients are not able to pay for the entire procedure or package all at once. As a result, GMG Health and Wellness is proud to offer a financing solution that is fast and easy! We have partnered with Beautifi to bring you industry leading interest rates and affordable monthly payment options. There are no prepayment penalties, pre-approvals take just minutes and applying is 100% online! Don't worry about payment anymore and focus on your beauty treatments with our ICOONE Specialist.

How Does It Work?

3 Simple Steps

  1. Submit an application online at app.beautifi.com/pplication
  2. Wait for a call to confirm your loan details
  3. Get ready for your ICOONE treatment :)

Get approved in minutes here or by calling 1-800-969-7034.

  • Quick Pre-Approval and Approval
  • No Impact to Your Credit Score
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Rates starting at 9.95%
  • Terms go up to 6 years