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I was very impressed with the way my booking was handled. Very importantly was everything detail was done on the computer, so no paperwork to fill out.
I was always sceptical about going to a chiropractor but I was very very impressed with the way my condition was addressed.
Dr Igor went through every detail with me before any treatment.
I will highly recommend this chiropractor to anyone who needs treatment.

Magan Naicker
April 30, 2022

I would really recommend this place. Patient care and service they provide is amazing. Staff is very friendly and welcoming. Dr Bohdan is very patient and his unique treating methods are needless to say.

mary sini
April 26, 2022

Dr. Igor is excellent in his practices. He covers a variety of techniques (physio/chiro/acupuncture) to give you with the best possible treatment each time. He’s very professional and gives you his time and patience every visit. His demeanour makes you feel very comfortable and respected around him. My whole family has been under his care at some point and he has never disappointed! Highly recommended for all your muscle rehab needs! Great clinic, great staff, great docs! 😊

April 26, 2022

Dr Igor is amazing.Very professional and he listened and explained exactly the source of pain that I had.Right after the initial assessment he did not waste time and started the treatment. just the first Visit I was happy with the outcome can’t wait for my next app. I would highly recommend this clinic if professionals

N Sherman
April 26, 2022

This is the best place so far to go for your message and chiropractic treatment. For those of us having back pain waist pain as a result of your work visit Dr. Igor.
I have gone to 2 place no one can be compared. Dr. Igor Gongalskyy knows his job very well. I left the office feeling relieved. Looking forward to my follow up appointment. I will recommend people to him.

joy attwuahwzs
April 26, 2022

Dr.Igor is understanding and amazing. He not like typical chiropractor I been to before (money grab) I had a bad experience with two other chiropractor who would see me for 10 mins and show me the door but not here. He truly cares for his patient and will thoroughly explain what he about to do to you and why he doing it. In addition, I appreciate the extra effort he put into answering my questions. I will be coming here for any issues I ever have. Professionalism and patient care is five star!!

Guntas Marok
April 26, 2022

I called Dr. Igor Gongalsky after seeing an ad on Facebook. I’ve been suffering for over a year with pain in my back, shoulder and legs and was not getting any results from my previous therapist. Right after my first session I found relief and now I’m seeing him twice a week.

Dr. Igor Gongalsky is not only professional and knowledgeable but his care and concern for his patients are exemplary.

April 6, 2021

I had a shoulder injury for over 5 years when I started seeing Dr. Igor. After just a few visits I already felt so much relief. Now that I am seeing him regularly I am doing so much better, I can move it much more and I feel much less pain. I highly recommend Dr. Igor to anyone, he is great!

March 10, 2021

I am grateful to have Dr.Gongalskyy as my chiropractor and I am very happy with the treatment he has provided for me.
I had a problem with my knees, which has now been corrected, and it is not painful to walk anymore.
The doctor answered all my questions regarding the treatment plan he has prescribed. He provided me with
many follow-up exercises as well.
I highly recommend Dr. Gongalskyy to anyone who is seeking a knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor.

Nataliya Rusan
January 23, 2021

After visiting several physiotherapist and chiropractor’s for my lower back pain, I was given Dr. Igor’s reference by a family friend. Dr. Igor resolved by back pain issue in just a few visits and now I am back on my feet. Dr. Igor is very knowledgeable chiropractor and I will definitely recommend him to all my friends.

January 20, 2021

Igor is a thorough professional who assesses and uses his skills to solve a clinical issue.

I had back and left hip pain for over three months, which was severe on getting on from a low lying position. Being a health professional for over 3 decades I had tried all the Usual things before going to Igor ( a bit reluctantly)

In just two treatments I felt remarkable relief. His being an international level sportsperson adds to the way he deals with issues of human movement.

A thorough professional.

Prashant Bhatt
January 20, 2021

glad to have found this place) Dr. Bogdan Osoba thank you for your help !!!

Igor Fedyshyn
January 19, 2021

I was recommended to see Dr. Gongalskyy to help with back pain, great idea as we went through the process my back improved after each visit and after the 4 visits I am back to #1 with no issues. Totally a great recommendation. Thanks Igor, was a pleasure to meet you.

Tim Ogden
November 11, 2020

Amazing services by Dr. Igor he is really a hard work on your pain I was in pain in my lower back to the knee couldn’t sleep in nights or sit properly in day time but after visiting 4 times I am pain free I would highly recommend dr. Zyed and dr. Igor for best Chiro practice A big thanks to dr.Igor

Kumar Gurdita
October 14, 2020

I visited Dr. Gongalskyy with back and shoulder pains that I had been dealing with for some time now. After one session I noticed a positive diffrence. He set me up with an at home program along with a few more chiropractic sessions and now I’m happy to say I’ve been pain free for several months. Dr. Gongalskyy is very knowlegdeable and professional, he doesn’t rush the process and really seems to care about the treatment he is giving. I would strongly recommend Dr. Gongalskyy to whomever is looking for an excellent Chiropractor!

Matt Dzieduszycki
October 10, 2020

Had a great experience here with treatment from Dr. Gongalskyy. Made the session optimal and professional. Definitely will come back for treatment in the future!

Kayden Johnson
October 10, 2020

By far the best experience ever. I realize that each of us have different issues, but in my case after being in pain ( I could not walk, my knee was just killing me) for couple of weeks after just one visit-treatment I’m able to WALK !! and it feels so so good, I could not believe it.
Thank you doctor Igor.

Myra Lewis
October 9, 2020

Those issues with my knees were something I thought I would never see resolved, Dr Gongalskyy thank you so much for helping me overcome injury and feel confident again in my knees.

Dr. Cool
October 9, 2020

Great experience! Very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Dr. Gongalskyy explains everything and ensures you understand. Highly recommended.

Russell Pahl
October 8, 2020

I am a mother of three small kids and I was experiencing chronic back pain for years. Dr.Gongalskyy was able to fix my back with two treatments. I would definitely recommend him. He is a very professional and knowledgeable chiropractor.

Olga Izmailov
October 1, 2020


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