Chiropractic Consultation

Absolutely free of cost 30-minute chiropractic consultation to determine whether chiropractic care is right/suitable for you. During the session you can ask any questions or voice any concerns regarding the main complaint and/or the course of the treatment.

No treatment will be rendered during the consultation however, with the permission of the patient hands on physical examination may be performed to understand the cause or the source of the pain.

At GMG Health and Wellness Mississauga we want our patients to feel at ease, there is zero commitment needed. If patient feels that chiropractic care is not suitable or condition is outside of scope of chiropractic care. Our doctors of chiropractic will be happy to refer you to the appropriate doctor.

Our goal at GMG Health and Wellness is to create a welcoming, non-judgemental atmosphere for our patients so every single one of them can achieve optimal health.

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