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The Benefits of Massage Therapy and Why You Should Book Today

Massage Therapy is often viewed as a relaxation activity that calms the mind and body. Massage therapy is so much more than that, especially when done by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). At GMG Health and Wellness, we employ only Registered Massage Therapists with the main focus on the most efficient and meaningful recovery of our patients. Let’s dive in deeper and figure out what exactly massage therapy treatment can provide.

During the course of our daily lives, we tend to develop imbalances in our bodies due to sedentary life style, poor movement habits, bad pasture and/or overuse. When not addressed these can build up and lead to an injury, headaches, back pain and neck pain. Massage therapy is a great way to prevent injury and get your body balanced quickly. It targets soft and deep tissue to release tension in muscle groups, break down fascia, and alleviate sprains and strains. However, at GMG we take it a step further; our Registered Massage Therapists work hand-in-hand with our Chiropractors to offer the best possible service to our clients. This allows us to find the cause of your discomfort or pain and treat it effectively.

What Exactly does a Massage Therapist Treat?

We hire some of the most knowledgeable Registered Massage Therapists in Mississauga who can treat a host of problems or provide a significant aid with;

Massage Therapies We Offer

What are the different types and techniques?

There are over a dozen massage techniques that range from a gentle touch for those with lots tension or high sensitivity (Fibromyalgia), to deep tissues massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Mississauga

Deep tissue massage is a technique that most commonly used to treat strains, musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries. It focuses on releasing trigger points (knots) in muscles, tendons and ligaments. During the massage therapy session, therapist will use slow pressure points as well as deep stroke to brake up trigger points, scar tissues, and reduce tension in the desired muscle group.

Swedish Massage Mississauga

Swedish massage techniques use very soothing touch that helps to relieve minor physiological tension and emotional stress. Being a very relaxing and comforting experience, it is by far the most popular massage service in Mississauga as well as all over the world.

Trigger Point Therapy Mississauga

Trigger point is a tense, rope like muscle that painful to touch. Most trigger points occur due to:

  • bad posture
  • overuse
  • lack of exercise
  • lack of sleep
  • emotional stress
  • trauma

Sports Massage Mississauga

Sports Massage is often overlooked by up-and-coming athletes. However, it is crucial in not only muscle relaxation but reducing the risk of overuse injuries, promoting tissue repair, and decreasing post workout recovery time and improving performance.

What to expect on your first visit

At GMG Health and Wellness, the comfort and care of our customers is our number one priority. That is why we rigorously search for new ways to improve our services. We are proud to be rated at the top of clinics located in Mississauga in customer service, the efficiency of our treatments, and general care for our clients. We can Direct Bill Insurance companies on your behalf, submit Motor Vehicle Accident forms, and help your WSIB claims go as smoothly as possible. We like to make it EASY for you. At GMG you can expect to feel better the moment you walk in.

Common Questions You May Still Have

How do I know which type of massage is best for me?
If you haven’t decided or unsure of which method is best for you, not to worry. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff can help you decide with a quick discussion about your concerns. Give us a call or come on in to talk privately with one of our RMTs.
After my Massage Therapy appointment do I need to do anything?

Usually, the answer is no. However, in some cases our Registered Massage Therapists may provide you with additional activities or advice to help your recovery progress more efficiently. It depends on you and your specific situation which will be addressed by the therapist.

Are your massage therapists registered?
Being a top-notch massage therapy centre, we employ ONLY Registered Massage Therapists. Not only is this extremely important to guarantee our patients are getting the best service possible, but it allows us to Direct Bill Insurance companies for customers with extended benefits.
Can I get a massage if I bruise easily?

Yes. Bruising is not a bad thing; it is our body’s attempt to bring more circulation to an area of injury or inflammation. We recommend that you let us know that you bruise easily and our RMT will keep this in mind to reduce the risk of bruising.

Are deep tissue massages supposed to hurt?
Yes and No. Deep tissue massages can be uncomfortable when compared to a more relaxing Swedish massage. They will not cause great pain but depending on your situation you might feel discomfort.
Are deep tissue massages safe after injury?

Yes. Let our massage therapist know about your injury and he/she will ensure to adjust treatment accordingly.

What is the difference between Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy (MRT)?
Myofascial release is often used to treat musculoskeletal complaints in chronic conditions. The cause of the pain usually is usually specific point in the myofascial or muscle itself. MRT focuses on reducing tension and tightness in the trigger point.

So perhaps you’ve googled Massage Therapy Near Me, or you’re looking to get the best massage in Mississauga. You might be recovering from injury, experiencing low back pain, or just want to take care of that nagging discomfort. Give us a call today to see if Massage Therapy is right for you.

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