Workplace Injuries

Getting in and out of the vehicle all day can put a lot of strain onto the lower back, sitting in front of the computer all day can produce headaches neck muscle spasms. Electricians have to carry a heavy belt and work with hand above the head for majority of the day. That put a lot of pressure on low back and shoulders. Accidents at work happen on daily bases, even a minor slip and fall that you may have just shrugged off can cause a great deal of pain down the line.

Following an accident worker has six weeks to make a claim to the WSIB or notify the employer.

If you sustained an accident at work place and not sure what to do next, please do not hesitate to contact GMG Health and Wellness clinic. Our experienced staff will contact the WSIB for you. Also, our staff will fill out any required paperwork and/or assist you with the paperwork that is required from the patient. We take the headache away by working directly with WSIB so our patients can focus on improving their health and safe return to work. Furthermore, and most importantly there is NO out of packet expanse to our patients.

After the Accident at Work Check List 

  1. Report an accident to the employer
  2. Report an accident to the WSIB
  3. Visit your Chiropractor – At GMG Health and Wellness Mississauga our doctors will take you step by step what needs to be done prior at type of treatment. After, we contact the WSIB, prepare all required paperwork.
  4. Chiropractor will submit the treatment plan to the WSIB directly, so there is no associated cost to the patient.

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