Dr. Kewei Ma – Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Kewei Ma

Medical degree
Dr. Ma PhD is a licensed Naturopathic doctor in Ontario and the USA. Currently Dr. Ma practices in Mississauga and has a special interest in cardiovascular, neurological, immunity, digestion, respiratory, urinary organs/systems, as well as cancer, mental/emotional/spiritual, reproductive/sexual, aging and skin issues. With more than two decades of experience Dr. Ma has a vast range of knowledge to help him diagnosis and treat his patients.

Dr. Ma obtained the PhD and Medical doctor license from UBC and Vancouver General Hospital in 2009 and successfully finished fellowship at McGill University Royal Victoria Hospital. The main focus of Dr. Ma’s thesis was cancer, inflammation, atherosclerosis (thickening/hardening of arteries), and neuroscience. Furthermore, Dr. Ma has preformed extensive clinical research at Toronto East General Hospital as well as York Regional Hospital.

With multiple degrees and an incredible medical experience, Dr. Ma is able to diagnose patients with astonishing efficiency and provide the best naturopathic treatment to help patients recover in timely matter.

For more detailed information in regards Dr. Ma’s programs of immunity, mental health, spirituality and overall health are on the website drkeweima.com

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